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ICM - "a computer museum for the interim"

About Us

    The Interim Computer Museum strives to preserve and share the history of
    computing through interactive exhibits using vintage computer hardware with
    modern enhancements.  We are a non-profit membership organization open to all.


Fri Aug 5 18:49:07 UTC 2022
    Phase 1.0 at the Rainier Brewery in Seattle's SODO neighbourhood has begun!
    While we have a number of permanent exhibits on display, two exhibit stations
    allow guests to setup and use an artifact of their choice.  Requests for access
    to a specific artifact can be made when scheduling your visit.


We have:
         We're currently working on presenting our catalog of ~500 artifacts online
We would like:
          Wish list is coming soon. 

Shared Recollections


     The Interim Computer Museum features a fully functional MIDI studio
     locked between 1982 and 1992.  Its probably somewhere you'd want to be
     to create analogue / digitial hybrid synthesizer sequenced sounds.
     Guest curation:  Gordon Raphael


         Please contact us regarding donations


        ICM is currently available to members and their guests aged 18 and up
        by appointment Sundays from 10am to 4pm Pacific time.  Unfortunately
        our space is not ADA compliant and visitors must be able to climb stairs.  
        We are working to correct this for our next phase!


          Please feel free to contact us via webmaster at icm.museum
          or by telephone at (206)299-2120 ext 1990

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