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ICM - "a computer museum for the interim"

About Us

    The Interim Computer Museum strives to preserve and share the history of
    computing through interactive exhibits using vintage computer hardware with
    modern enhancements.  We are a non-profit membership organization open to all. 

    (Interim Computer Museum is a subsidiary of the SDF Public Access UNIX System, 501(c)(7))


Wed Aug 30 06:11:24 UTC 2023
    We're a month away from the Interim Computer Festival. 


Events are held at 3100 Airport Way S. Seattle, WA 98134 at Intraspace


We have:
         We're currently working on presenting our catalog of ~500 artifacts online
We would like:
          Wish list is coming soon. 

Shared Recollections


     The Interim Computer Museum features a fully functional MIDI studio
     locked between 1982 and 1992.  Its probably somewhere you'd want to be
     to create analogue / digitial hybrid synthesizer sequenced sounds.
     Guest curation:  Gordon Raphael


         Please contact us regarding donations, for monetary support,
         please consider the SDF Museum BOOTSTRAP membership.


        Due to PCBs remediation at the Rainier Brewery we currently are not open
        to visitation.  However, we still are conducting events at INTRASPACE
        and look forward to your visitation in 2024.


          To support our Remote Systems (Interactive Shared Recollections) we 
          are offering an SDF Museum BOOTSTRAP membership for $36/year.
          BOOTSTRAP membership includes:
  • SDF Museum Membership card with your name and museum numeric uid
    (uids starts at 00001, are issued sequentially and first come first served)
  • SDF Classic Button and Sticker set
  • A selection of 6 SDF Museum artifact color postcards
  • Permanent accounts on any current and future remote systems
  • Community DEV access for sharing and maintaining vintage/retro programs
  • Invite to our Brick and Mortar museum event (to be announced 2024)

    Join the SDF Museum BOOTSTRAP


            Please feel free to contact us via webmaster at icm.museum
            or by telephone at (206)299-2120 ext 1100.  You can also
            follow us on SDF Mastodon: @icm@mastodon.sdf.org

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