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  • Located conveniently: ON-LiNE
  • Open 365/24/7 (including LEAP YEARS!)
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    ICM - "a computer museum for the interim" - our flounder

    About Us!


    News Us!

    We just acquired something you were bidding for on eBay! sorry.

    Collections Us!

    -=> Please Hold - Your Call is very IMPORTANT to us!<=-

    WE HAVE:

    • Many things you already have.

    WE WANT:

    • Gateway 3000 PC w/ Windows 93 preferrably w/ MaikoSoft(tm) RoB (installed) + BuGGeyeD mice.
    • 4800 bps modem w/ MNP/ARQ+.
    • LOL, Inc CD-ROMs or Floppy Disks w/ +INF free minutes.
    • Your LISP machine (any dialect).
    • an tellertypist (mousey free, pls).
    • a certified computer pre-Y2K (tho Y2K compliant is O.K., K?)
    • Hellschreiber DataFAX machine device service operator bureau station (or dresser drawer set, in 1950-esque birch or walnut).
    • The VODER - (or homer dudley, tho preferrably The VODER)
    • Research EUNICE 11 - (Bellmac RISC)
    • SAGE - (most compleat and fully operational)
    • QSL cards (?PSE TNX!)


    • 1988 SAAB 900 SPG Turbo in Edwardian Grey.
    • Timex Sinclair 1000 w/ 16kb memory expansion, thermal printer excessory and original boxes + receipt + lots of thermal paper rolls.

    Recollections Us!

      Here is a list of public emulators we recommend for recollections you may wish to reexperience for the very first or last time.

    • UNIX 50! - Create and Destroy a number of Hysterical UNIX systems
    • TimeSharing System 8 - Challenge your self and overcome your ph33rz
    • SDF Public Access TWENEX TOPS-20 - A great improvement over it's successors (MRC)
    • Incompatible TimeSharing System WOOF! WOOF! METHINKS A MINSKY LOGGED IN.

    Donate Us!

    • BTC: 34i3jJrkKFyCLKRphApUskedBrA6GN5j8R

    Jobs Us!

    -=> C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S <=-

    We are actively seeking a: The VODER Operator!

    The successful candidate will:

    • Have prior The VODER experience.
    • Familiarity with various vocoders such as the Roland SVC-350 and Sennheiser VSM-201 (but not the Korg Micro-Korg NOT-A-VOCODER).
    • Stenographer (by curiosity, hobby or profession)
    • EVI/EWI or experience with various AKAI/Nyle Steiner breath/chording instruments.
    • Telegraphy skill requirement: 45.5 5-Level BAUDOT keyboard and at least 18 WPM MORSE straight key proficiency.
    • Must also be a Notary of The Public in current and good standing.
    • Ability to follow ANY jazz chord progression using a Suzuki Omnichord (Suzuki method is a plus, but not a requirement.)
    • Accepts TANG as an acceptable alternative to orange juice. (like the astronauts!)
    • Able lift 147lbs of dead computer weight while under water (in similar fashion to the astronauts!)
    • Part-time church organist a PLUS! (any denomintation: O.K. (w/ parking validation))
    • A Billity to speak LISP (any dialect)

      We think you just failed THE INTERNET . . .

    • YOU HEAR: 913.8Hz THEN 1370.6Hz successively AND both FOR 274 milliseconds THEN finally 1776.7Hz FOR 380 milliseconds.
    • We're Sorry, The Voder Position has already been filled and therefore this position has been closed.
    • (We're Sorry! - for you - try again, guess again, try again!)

    The unsuccessful candidate is:

    • Probably you (sorry)

    Visit Us!

    Exhibit Assortment Potpourri

    • nothing (for you)

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