ICM - a computer museum for the interim

Presented by the SDF Public Access UNIX System

TELEX: (206) 299-2120 ext 1100

Welcome to the Interim Computer Museum!

The Interim Computer Museum (ICM) strives to preserve and share the history of computing through interactive exhibits using vintage computer hardware with modern enhancements. Our exhibits provide a hands-on experience that bridges the past and the present, allowing visitors to explore the evolution of computing technology.

Featured Exhibit

The Museum's featured exhibit showcases an impressive array of vintage systems, blending emulation, hybrid, and original vintage hardware to run historical operating systems. This unique combination allows visitors to experience the evolution of computing technology firsthand. To dive deeper into these fascinating recollections, click on the Recollections link. The exhibit is supported through the generous support of Bootstrap membership and donations. We invite you to join and contribute to the sustainability of this ongoing initiative.

Upcoming Events

October 5th - 6th, 2024: Interim Computer Festival Fall 2024

Latest News

June 28, 2024: Registration for the Interim Computer Festival Fall 2024 opens in August.