ICM - a computer museum for the interim

Presented by the SDF Public Access UNIX System

TELEX: (206) 299-2120 ext 1100

Sponsors of the Interim Computer Museum

The following are our sponsors who have joined at different levels. We are deeply grateful to our sponsors for their generous support. Your contributions enable us to preserve and share the rich history of computing, providing a unique experience for all our visitors. By joining our sponsorship program, you become a vital part of this mission, helping to ensure the ongoing success and expansion of the Interim Computer Museum. Your support allows us to offer interactive exhibits, educational programs, and community events that not only inspire but also educate future generations. Together, we can continue to celebrate and explore the incredible journey of computing technology. Become a sponsor today and join us in making history accessible to all.

MONITR Level - $900/quarter

  • Your name or your organization's name could be here!

UUO Level - $450/quarter

  • Bernie "codewiz" Innocenti
  • Jeff and Janis Kaylin

JSYS Level - $36/quarter

  • Damian Göldi
  • Jeff Marraccini
  • Grace Lovelace
  • Paul & Moxie Palinkas
  • Richard Altherr